If you would like to move your Engine library from one computer to another, you will need to source an external drive with a volume large enough to fit your entire Engine DJ library. Confirm the drive is formatted to FAT32 or exFAT. 

First, you will need to copy the Engine Library folder on the OLD computer, located within C:/Users/user/Music/Engine Library, to a USB drive, then copy the Engine Library folder to the same file path on the NEW computer, C:/Users/user/Music/Engine Library

**It is very important the usernames on both computers are the exact same.** Example below: 

 Old PC - C:/Users/user/Music/Engine Library 

New PC - C:/Users/user/Music/Engine Library 

Once the Engine Library folder from the old computer has been copied to the new computer, you will also need to copy the actual music files from their location on the previous computer to the new computer. Please use the exact same file path when copying these as you did for the Engine Library folder. 

If your files were stored in C:/Users/user/Music on the old computer, be sure to copy to C:/Users/user/Music on the new computer, just ensure both files paths are the exact same. 

Once your Engine Library folder and your music library has been moved to the new computer, open Engine Desktop, run Sync Manager and re-export all of your pre-existing playlists on the drive you use with your Engine hardware. 

*Please note, Microsoft and Apple use different file systems. Moving from Windows to Mac or Mac to Windows will not be as seamless of a process as moving from Win to Win, or Mac to Mac. Please consider using a migration program such as Migration Assistant on macOS or consider rebuilding your Engine Library on the newer computer.