Earlier versions of the Engine DJ OS included a crossfader enable/disable setting in the Control Center. However, because the PRIME 2 also features a physical crossfader assign switch on the front, the internal setting was removed in Engine DJ OS v2.1.0. 

If the crossfader is disabled in the Control Center prior to performing the update, the crossfader will be stuck in a disabled state. 

To correct this, a previous iteration of the Engine DJ OS will need to be installed on the device and the state of the crossfader will need to be changed before upgrading back to the latest Engine OS.

  1. Navigate to enginedj.com/downloads and download Engine DJ OS version 2.0, 2.0.1, or 2.0.2 from the list. For your convenience, you can use the links below to download v2.0.2 for the PRIME 2:
  2. Install the earlier Engine OS. For instructions, please visit the link below:
  3. Power on the PRIME 2 and navigate to the Control Center by pressing and holding the View button or swiping down from the toolbar.

  4. Tap the X Fader button to enable it. The crossfader is enabled when the icon on the screen is lit up.

  5. Once enabled, simply power off the PRIME 2 and update back to the latest Engine DJ OS. The latest version will be available at enginedj.com/downloads.

The crossfader should now be functional again. To disable the crossfader in Engine DJ OS v2.1.0 or higher, set both crossfader assign switches on the front to "Thru".