Denon DJ SC6000M | Inconsistent Motor Speeds & Pitch Issues

The Denon DJ SC6000M is a high-quality DJ player that utilises a magnetic pulse motor that is designed to provide users with a seamless and immersive DJ experience.

Occasionally, users may experience inconsistent motor speeds and pitch issues when using this device. In this article, we will discuss how magnetic pulse motors work & why it is important to let the players warm up before use. 

Magnetic pulse motors are a type of motor that uses a series of small electronic pulses to drive the momentum of the motor between two magnetic poles. These motors are highly efficient and can provide users with a high level of control over the speed and direction of the motor. The motors work in conjunction with the internal firmware, sending constant reading to the onboard CPU to determine track position.

To ensure that the motors are working optimally and are send consistent readings to the internal firmware, it is recommended that users keep the motors running for between 5-10 minutes before use. This allows the motors to warm up to a consistent operating temperature.

This is particularly important if the players are being moved from, or used in a colder environments. 

If users do not let the motors warm up prior to use, they may experience inconsistent playback speeds and pitch issues as the operating temperature of the motor increases over time, as the players are being used live. 

By understanding how these motors work and why it is important to let them warm up before use, users can ensure that they get the most out of their DJ controller.

If you are still experiencing an issue with inconsistent speeds or pitch after checking through the above, please contact our support team HERE