Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smartlist?

A Smartlist is a new type of list that can be added to your library. It is populated by filtering your collection with customizable rules. This feature is available starting with the v3.1 update.

How do I create a Smartlist?

There are two methods to create Smartlists in Engine DJ Desktop:

  1. Click the "Create Smartlist" button.
  2. Right-click on Collection or a Playlist and choose "Create Smartlist." 

This opens the Smartlist window where you can add one or multiple rules. Once created, the Smartlist automatically populates with tracks from your collection.

Can I edit Smartlists after creating them?

Yes, you can edit Smartlists. Right-click on a Smartlist and select "Edit Smartlist." You can add, remove, and modify rules. The Smartlist and its contents will update accordingly.

Are Smartlists automatically updated?

Yes, Smartlists are dynamically updated to reflect any changes in your collection that adhere to the applied rules. This includes connecting a drive containing tracks that adhere to the applied rules.

Can I sort the tracks within a Smartlist?

Smartlists can be filtered and sorted like a regular Playlist. Although the tracks within a Smartlist are playable in a specific order, there is no play order column. 

How do I use Smartlists on Engine OS Hardware?

To use Smartlists on Engine OS hardware, you must export them using Sync Manager or the drag-and-drop method.

Smartlists will also be available on Engine OS hardware when using Engine Remote Library.


How do I update a Smartlist that is already exported to a drive?

If you add, remove, or update tracks in your local collection, use Sync Manager to export the changes to your USB drive. Make sure the Smartlist is checked in the left panel to export any changes in the Smartlists rules or track contents.


How can I create a Playlist from a Smartlist?

To create a Playlist from a Smartlist, simply right-click on the Smartlist and select "Convert to Playlist." A Playlist will be created and populated with a snapshot of the tracks currently in the Smartlist. The Smartlist itself remains unaffected.


Why don’t Smartlists in the Drives Panel include tracks from all sources?

Smartlists created in the Drives Panel will only include tracks stored on that drive. 

Smartlists in the Main Collection (left panel) will include tracks from all connected drives.