If you receive a database corrupt message after updating, it generally means the database is corrupted. In some circumstances, it is worth attempting to migrate your library again. To do this you will need to delete the 'Database2' folder located locally and on any external drives, you use to maintain your Engine Library.

To delete the local Engine 2.0.0 library, ensure Engine DJ application is closed, navigate to Music > Engine Library > Directory, then delete the Database2 folder.

To delete a library on the external drive, again first ensure Engine DJ application is closed. Navigate to the root directory of the external drive, open the Engine Library/ folder, then delete the Database2 folder. Now you can start up the Engine DJ application again, and doing this will attempt the migration again on application startup.

If the corrupt message persists after the second migration attempt, please take note of the drive name stated in the corruption message, navigate to that drive, and zip all files within the directory except the Music folder.  Upload the zipped folder here. This will assist our team in investigating the issue further.

Until this issue is resolved, you can roll back to v1.6 or rebuild your Engine Library in Engine DJ v2.0. Previous versions can be downloaded from the Release Notes section of the relevant release on the Downloads page.